BuffaLoam Products Explained

Mike Walsh Of Mountain Lion Garden Supply Explains Why He Chooses To Carry BuffaLoam Products In His Store!

Organic matter plays an important role in soil structure, nutrient availability, and water holding capacity. Ordinary composts and soil amendments contain a low amount of organic matter, usually ranging between 12-20%.

Organic Buffalo CompostIn fact, a percentage of 20 to 30 is rarely if ever found. BuffaLoam’s organic matter averages  a minimum of 35%. There are several reasons for our extraordinary high level of organic matter:

  • Bison are amazing “composting machines” because of their unique digestive capabilities.
  • Our bison feed on a diet of native grasses. At BuffaLoam, we use only natural, holistic, and sustainable animal husbandry practices.
  • Environmental and climate factors also contribute, for example, the high elevation and low humidity of our ranch.
  • Our compost is 100% organic and contains no fillers or blending agents.